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Will My Insurance Pay For Outpatient Drug Rehab?

When it is time to talk to a loved one about their addiction what will you say? Are you prepared to follow through with getting them the help they need for their alcohol or drug abuse? If you said yes, then we can help you. Alcoholism and drug addiction are diseases. Just like you might get cancer, addiction requires a treatment and a cure.

What are my options?

If you are fighting drug or alcohol addiction and want to get help there are several options for you to choose. If your loved one is in need of help there is hope in the future. All you have to do is Google in alcohol or drug treatment options and you will be rewarded with a plethora of sites available to assist you

What does it Cost?

If you have insurance, chances are that you will be covered at least partially. Most insurance companies, nowadays, understand that addiction is a disease and needs to be treated like one. Insurance companies also know that oftentimes there is a mental or emotional component that goes along with the addiction. This is referred to as being “Dually Diagnosed.” Insurance companies most often cover patients for outpatient rehabilitative services. This may include treatment and medicines and follow up therapy.

What type of care will I receive?

With outpatient treatment for alcohol or drug addiction you should be prepared to go to the treatment center at least once a week possibly more when beginning treatment. Outpatient clinics are usually open at night and weekends to accommodate the working individual. You will be evaluated and given a treatment plan. You will probably be asked to do the twelve step program and to find a sponsor at that program. You might receive a prescription for certain medications to help you transition into sobriety.

What happens after the treatment program ends?

You will be able to remain in AA or NA and talk to your group weekly or daily if you prefer. As you make progress you can become a sponsor to someone who is new to it all. You will be instructed to follow your treatment plan even though you might not be abusing drugs anymore. Recovery is a lifelong battle and the only way to maintain sobriety is to follow what you have learned in rehab.

What will my family think?

Your family will be thankful that you are on the road to health and happiness once more in your life. They will be supportive of you and perhaps they will join a support group for families of drug abusers or alcoholics such as Al-Anon.

How do I begin?

Begin by picking up the phone and calling the number for the program of your choice. A counselor is standing by to help you.

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