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Will Legalizing Marijuana Eliminate The Need For Rehabs?

If marijuana is legalized, will it mean that there is no more need for marijuana rehab? The answer to that question depends on the individual using the substance. Although there is no proof that the substance is harmful when used in moderation, it may still be something that a user may need help quitting if he or she wants to.

Why Rehab May Not Be Necessary

Assuming marijuana was made legal, it would not generally be a crime to possess, use or sell the substance. Therefore, there would be no need to agree to enter rehab in exchange for reducing or dropping a legal charge related to using or selling it. There would also be no need for rehab as the stigma surrounding using marijuana would no longer exist or at least subside to the point where going to rehab to salvage your reputation wouldn’t be necessary.

Why Rehab May Still Be Necessary

Although marijuana may be legal to use, an employer could still terminate an employee for using it. Therefore, an employee may need to go to rehab to keep his or her job. Rehab may also be necessary if an individual is using an exotic form of the substance that may be laced with LSD or PCP, which could create another addiction that an individual has to deal with. Furthermore, rehab should be available to anyone who wants to seek treatment if they feel like using is interfering with their ability to live a normal and productive life.

Drug Use and Mental Illness May Be Linked

For some, using marijuana is the result of an addictive personality. Such individuals could be addicted to anything harmless such as soda to harder drugs like heroin or cocaine. Such an illness may also lead someone to sell or distribute marijuana or other drugs, which could have a negative impact on the community. Going to rehab may help that person address a deeper issue that could eliminate a possible addiction in the future.

Legalizing marijuana may have an impact on how the drug is viewed. However, it should not mean that rehab facilities ignore potential issues linked to its use. It may still take time before society accepts it as ethical to use, which means that rehab may be necessary for years or generations to come.

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