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Will I Lose My Job If I Go To Rehab?

One of the reasons why people avoid going to rehab is the fear of losing their job. However, there are worker protections that enable you to keep your position while you are going through rehab. Even if you could lose your job for seeking help for an addiction, it is difficult to maintain steady employment if you are high or drunk on the job anyway.

You May be Protected By FMLA

The Family Medical Leave Act may allow you several days or weeks off to deal with your addiction. Furthermore, most employers want the goodwill that comes from being known as a company that supports employees and fosters a family atmosphere. In fact, your employer may even pay for your treatment or pay a portion of your salary while you are away. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel as if you have to deal with the financial and professional ramifications of getting help all by yourself.

No One Will Know That You Sought Treatment

It is likely that your boss will have to know that you are taking time off to go through rehab. Fortunately, the fact that you will be in rehab is considered confidential information from anyone who you haven’t told. It means that your colleagues won’t know where you are going to get help or that you are getting help at all. This may help ease your mind if you are worried that others could start rumors about you or that going to rehab could ruin your professional reputation.

Your Life is More Important Than Any Job

If you lose a job, you can always find another one. If you lose your life, you can never recover from that. Your first priority should be to focus on yourself and getting better. Once you get better, you can start thinking about your work and how to build the type of career that you have always wanted. The treatment program that you work with may have a career services department or have connections with employers in your area who would love to hire you.

There is never a bad reason to enter rehab or anything that you can give up that is more important than regaining your sobriety. By getting sober, you will prove to yourself that you can be dependable and accomplish anything that you set out to do. These are the types of people that employers want and the ones who will never be out of work long.

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