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Will Creating Safe Heroin Injection Sites Increase The Chances of Addiction?

The US has an epidemic level of heroin abuse. It began more than one year ago and continues to rise nationally. Among the issues raised by the rising levels of heroin use are safe injection sites.

What are Safe Heroin Injection Sites?

In Vancouver, Canada and other parts of the world, governments decided to establish locations in which heroin users can inject their drugs with clean syringes and with some medical oversight to guard against overdose. The main way that people use heroin is by injection into veins. This method gives users the most intense experience and it leads to severe levels of addiction. Heroin is a highly addictive substance, and injection adds to the severity. Injection creates health risks that include fatal overdose and contact with fatal diseases such as hepatitis C and AIDS. These safe injection locations encourage and direct addicts to treatment programs.

Safe Injection Is not a Cure

Safe injection sites do not increase the chances of addiction; they save lives. They prevent overdosing and provide clean syringes that do not spread deadly diseases. While evidence supports that safe injection sites can help reduce some risks that come with heroin addiction and needles, it is not a solution. Ceasing to use heroin is the solution and this requires detoxification, treatment, and a long-term program for staying drug free. For families whose loved ones become heroin users, every day matters. The risks of death and injury from heroin abuse haunt them and cloud their visions for the future. Finding the right treatment program is the necessary beginning of the path to drug independence.

Call Us, We Can Help

Safe injection sites answer a need for safety and efforts to stop the spread of diseases caused by sharing dirty needles. AIDS and other deadly diseases spread through intravenous infection, and this does no one any good. The costs of overdoses and diseases spread by sharing needles is heavy in money terms, but devastating to families whose loved ones have died or contracted severe illnesses. Call us, we can help get to the root causes of addiction and provide the best options for successful detoxification, therapy, and long-term recovery.

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