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Why Is Rehab So Expensive? Aren’t There Affordable Ones?

Our clients might think that going to a rehabilitation facility is too expensive, but paying for alcohol and drugs also costs money. However, some residential facilities are less expensive than others are. Instead of living in an exclusive neighborhood for treatment, a client may need to go to a larger facility located in a less expensive area of the United States.

What is the Level of Care in a Less Expensive Rehabilitation Facility?

The level of care in a less expensive rehabilitation facility is similar to high-cost treatment. Some of the differences at a low-cost center might include having more clients in treatment at the same time or fewer amenities such as a workout room or swimming pool.

Is there Privacy in a Less Expensive Rehabilitation Facility?

The counselors working for a less expensive rehabilitation facility must follow the same privacy regulations that are required by government guidelines. Clients are encouraged to keep everyone’s identity private to ensure the best outcome from treatment.

Will a Counselor Answer my Questions?

You can ask intake counselors questions before choosing a rehabilitation facility. We provide email addresses and toll-free telephone numbers to contact our office staff to help you feel more comfortable about the rehabilitation process.

How do Clients Pay for Rehabilitation?

Our counselors want addicts to overcome alcohol or drug addiction, but the centers must have money to pay staff and other expenses. Most clients must use a variety of methods to pay for the costs of treatment, including employer-sponsored or private insurance. The rest of the costs of treatment are covered by co-payments, scholarships and government grants.

Where does a Recovering Addict Go after Residential Treatment Ends?

After residential treatment, a recovering addict needs to continue seeking some form of treatment for the rest of their lives. Immediately after leaving, it is a good idea to transition to a sober house or an outpatient program. Clients must continue to attend 12-step meetings and counseling to prevent a relapse.

Get Help Today at an Affordable Rehabilitation Facility

Don’t allow the cost of treatment at a rehabilitation facility stop you from seeking treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction. Our business employees are able to help clients find affordable treatment options to overcome an addiction. Clients in affordable residential and outpatient facilities receive a high-level of care from counselors throughout their treatment.

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