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Why Drug Rehabs Are Scarier Than Terrorism

Acts of terrorism continue to bombard our news with tales of destruction, loss and chaos. While these reports are disturbing, they often occur far away from the safety of our homes, which provides us with a sense of disconnection. For many people struggling with addiction, the prospect of going to rehab can be more frightening than any act of terrorism, and the reasons behind this reaction are easy to understand once you consider these common fears that may hit a little too close to home.

Social Isolation Fears Are Unfounded

A common misconception about rehab is that a person will be isolated from their family and friends. While avoiding potentially negative influences such as those in your social circle who use drugs will help recovery, the truth is that you will be able to see and talk to your loved ones throughout your stay. Group therapy sessions, planned activities and family days all provide more than enough social interaction to keep loneliness at bay.

There Will Be Rules to Follow

There is no way around it – drug treatment programs often have schedules and do expect patients to comply with their expectations, yet none of these are ever forced. It is also important to note that these rules are very basic, and any chores you are expected to do won’t be any worse than what you would do at home. Laundry, making beds and generally cleaning up after yourself may not be easy at first, but these daily routines all add up to rebuilding your confidence and self-esteem.

No One Knows What Really Happens There

One of the primary components of a terrorist act is the element of surprise. This is because the fear of the unknown is a powerful force that can drive a person into inaction. This fear can easily be overcome by simply reaching out and exploring what happens during a typical day in rehab. Ask questions about the routines, types of therapy that are available and how long you can expect to stay. Arming yourself with knowledge will give you the power to choose recovery.

It’s Life Altering

After an act of terrorism has occurred, no one’s life is the same, and this is also true about rehabs. You may worry that you won’t be the same person anymore, or that you will be brainwashed during therapy. We can’t promise that you will be the same person when you get out of rehab, but we can promise that you will be better. During therapy, no brainwashing occurs. Instead, you will simply explore the aspects of your personality that respond to addictive substances so that you can find new ways to combat your cravings. If you are ready to conquer your fears, then let us help you embark on a battle that can change your life for the better.

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