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What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Drug Rehabs

If you are considering entering a drug rehabilitation facility, then you probably will begin by searching for information on the Internet. One of the most popular places to look for basic information about any topic is a Wikipedia site, but it can’t tell you about everything.

There are hundreds of drug rehabilitation facilities that offer outpatient or residential services to men and women. Each center might focus on helping clients with an addiction to a particular drug such as heroin, amphetamines or prescription medications with standard or holistic methods.

Wikipedia doesn’t tell you about a Program’s Specific Treatments

When selecting a drug rehabilitation program, you may want an outpatient center located near to your home for fast access on a daily basis in order to participate in individual or group counseling sessions. A nearby program is also helpful when a crisis such as a relapse occurs that requires fast intervention.

Alternatively, for residential treatment, you might want to live in a facility outside of your area. There are good reasons to live somewhere else for the 60 to 90 days that most experts recommend to overcome a drug addiction. By living in a new location, you are less likely to come into contact with other substance abusers you have associated with before, and you also are able to keep treatment more private.

You Need to Know about the Rehabilitation Facility’s Payment Plan

The experts who operate drug rehabilitation programs want everyone to have effective treatment, but substance abuse therapy costs money, and Wikipedia does not tell you about the cost of a facility. In order to understand the price of a program, you need to contact the office staff to learn if it accepts an insurance plan.

When you don’t have insurance or cash to pay for drug abuse treatment, you must find out about programs that offer sliding scale fees based on income level or find facilities that receive government funding. In addition, there are programs that provide financing with monthly payments.

You Need a Substance Abuse Program that Provides Lifelong Assistance

Wikipedia doesn’t tell you that overcoming drug addiction is a lifelong process that requires selecting a treatment program that remains in contact after you leave. The first few months after completing residential rehabilitation are the hardest because you return home where there are the same temptations.

By undergoing therapy at a facility that provides aftercare for a lifetime, you are less likely to have a relapse. Your counselors will make sure there is a place for you to attend 12-step meetings in person, online or on the telephone to help with your recovery.

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