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What To Do If Your Intervention on An Addict Didn’t Work

A drug intervention is one of many tactics that families use when they want to make an addicted person aware of his or her problem. It is a meeting of a person’s closest relatives and friends at a common environment. The group’s attendants speak with the addicted person and remind him or her of times the addiction has caused pain and loss. The goal during an intervention is to nudge at the person’s conscience and convince that person to enter a rehabilitation program. Websites such as the intervention support website have the intervention success statistics at a rate of 80 percent or better. That means a majority of intervention participants respond by checking into a rehabilitation facility within 24 hours. But what happens when an intervention doesn’t work? What can concerned family members and friends do when an intervention fails? What can you do if your intervention on an addict fails?

Respond With Love and Compassion

People who are in the bondage of addiction need compassionate relatives and friends. Personal judgment and condemnation are two things that they can do without during this crucial time. An addicted person is likely to change his or her mind if that person knows that loved ones will provide tender support and guidance.

Release the Clench

Some family members and friends tend to try to control their loved ones who suffer from addiction. Holding tightly to someone who is not ready for change will most likely result in rebellion. As difficult as it may be, you will have to leave the addicted person to his or her own convictions. The desire to change may come later in the person’s life, and that person will want to know that you are still there to provide a supportive hand.

Let Us Help You

We have a team of supportive specialists that can help you during your time of uncertainty after an intervention fails. One of our specialists can walk you through the process of seeking information that can help your loved one understand the cycle of addiction. Our specialists can lend you their ears so that you can tell them your concerns and troubles.

The specialists can speak to you at any time during the day or night. Do not be discouraged if your intervention does not work the first time. Let the first try serve as the inspiration to stick with your loved one and not give up on that person. We have connections with many rehabilitation facilities that can offer specialized services that may entice your loved one to receive help. Hope is still alive. You just need to trust and take the first step by calling our dedicated number today.

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