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What Is The Food Like When You’re In Rehab?

Nutrition is an important component of your recovery, and it is common to be concerned about what you will eat every day. After all, no one wants to go hungry, especially when your body is already working hard at recovery. As you explore your rehab options, you will likely notice that each facility has a distinctive way of planning their menus, yet they all have the same goal of providing healthy meals in mind. Here are a few of the things that most drug rehabs have in common for food service.

Emphasis on Health

While rehab meals are delicious, you should know that they are designed with nutrition in mind. Whole grains, lean meat and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables will be certain to appear on your plate every day. To accommodate the needs of everyone, drug rehab meals are usually low-fat and low-sodium. Seasonings, such as herbs and spices, tend to provide the flavor instead of salt. Many rehabs also prefer to use organic ingredients that are free from chemicals so that your body can detox more efficiently.

Recognition of Dietary Needs

Gluten sensitivity, food allergies and health-related dietary restrictions are all valid concerns that you may have regarding food before you enter rehab. Yet, you have no need to worry since nutritionists at rehab understand how to meet your individual needs. Simply make sure that your dietary needs are stated clearly upon your arrival, and you can rest assured that you will have safe meals every day that fit your restrictions.

Personalized Options

Treatment centers strive to serve a wide range of food to their guests so that everyone has something they like on the menu. In cafeteria-style settings, there are often two main entrees on the menu along with sides so that you have a choice regarding what you will eat. Depending upon your facility’s policies, you may also request certain foods from a menu, or you may have access to snacks between meals.

While you are in rehab, it is important to view food as a resource for giving your body the fuel it needs for recovery. Often, addiction leaves a person malnourished, and replenishing your vitamins and nutrients is a primary goal for the nutrition staff at rehab. For this reason, treatment programs focus on providing a variety of delicious healthy foods each day that you are certain to enjoy as you strengthen your body during recovery.

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