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What Insurance Works For Detox?

The Affordable Care Act treats drug addiction as a disease, and qualified health plans must also do so. Insurers cannot deny coverage for preexisting conditions such as drug or alcohol dependency. The essential health benefits included in Medicaid and all health insurance plans provide for free detection and screening for drug addiction. The plans must also provide treatment on the same terms as other similar medical care. Private insurance, employer insurance plans, and every qualified health plan meets the standards for addiction detection and treatment contained in the Affordable Care Act.

Federal Medicaid Insurance

The Affordable Care Act expanded Medicaid for low-income persons. It offers free or low-cost medical care to those within 138 percent of the federal poverty guideline. By increasing the amount of income allowed for eligibility, many millions of Americans gained access to critical healthcare services. Because of the reforms of the Affordable Care Act, drug dependency is a medical condition that all Medicaid programs recognize as a treatable disease.

State Medicaid and CHIPs

Every state provides medical care for those with incomes below the federal poverty line. Medicaid goes by various names in state government assistance programs. The Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIPs)provides medical treatment for minors including drug abuse screening and detection.

Federal Marketplace Insurance

States that refused to establish marketplaces for health insurance and Medicaid enrollment for their citizens defaulted to the federal Obamacare website. The essential health benefits provide treatment for drug addiction; the screening and detection phases come without additional charges to the consumer.

Insurance on State Exchanges

Insurance policies sold on state exchanges must offer essential health benefits for drug addiction; these include screening, detection, examinations, diagnosis. Treatment options can vary from plan to plan and will usually require coinsurance payments from the consumer.

Detox Insurance Coverage

Because of the requirements of the Affordable Care Act and the insurance reforms that it put into place, most insurance covers drug addiction detection and treatment services. Many do not offer a wide range of choices on the types and duration of detoxification services. For some addictions, doctors recommend medically supervised inpatient care. We can help find the best coverage for the types of detox needed to meet the needs of the addicted loved one or family member. One size does not fit all, and finding the right resources is vital to successful detox and effective treatment. Call us right away; we can help with program resources and insurance coverage. Call us today.

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