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How Does Insurance Work for Addiction Treatment?

Our facility wants to ensure that you or your loved one receives the top-notch rehabilitation care that we provide. Insurance policies are the top method that people use to pay for services at our facilities. We accept most of the major insurance companies such as Aetna, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Cigna and United Healthcare. However, we can help an interested person to find a solution if the insurance policy does not cover our services. A prospective resident can simply contact our facility today and ask one of our knowledgeable financial representatives for assistance obtaining the appropriate benefits. Our experts can help an addicted person with:

Contacting the Insurance Company

The first step in the process of getting insurance coverage for drug addiction is contacting the insurance company. The insurance company provides every policy holder with a number to call, and they place it on the back of the card. The covered person or the rehabilitation center can call the number and request information about the services that it has. An agent from the insurance company will be able to help.

Understanding How Rehabilitation Coverage Works

In the past, people had a hard time receiving rehabilitation coverage for drug abuse and mental illness. The insurance companies made it especially difficult for people to get the care they needed. In 2008, a law came into effect that changed rehabilitation coverage for insured persons around the world. The law stated that insurance companies had to offer insurance that no longer had restrictions on it. Insurance companies had to start treating mental illness and drug addiction the same as any other health conditions. Large companies have to adhere to those rules.

Explaining Insurance Components

Knowing all the insurance components and what they mean can be difficult for any person. The first major component of an insurance policy is the type. A health maintenance organization (HMO) policy works differently than a preferred provider network (PPO) works. An HMO will typically require the addicted person to obtain a referral from his or her main doctor to obtain treatment inside of a rehabilitation facility. The policy may have stipulations on which facilities the person can receive care at, as well. Furthermore, the policy may require the patient to pay a deductible before the insurance company pays a penny for the patient’s services.

Deductibles can range from $0 to several thousand dollars. The patient and the insurance company determine that when the patient chooses the coverage. Covered persons may get their policies from their employers, spouses or private insurance companies.

Coinsurance, or a copay is a small portion that the patient may have to pay before the admission process can continue. The amount of copay that the person will pay depends on the cost of rehabilitation services and the way the provider has outlined the insurance policy. An insurance company may pay 80 percent for rendered services after the patient pays the 20 percent copay, if the person has met the deductible requirements.

Knowing which services the insurance company covers is important, as well. Examples of coverage types are residential treatment, inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment. An insurance policy could cover all, one or none of those services. Residential treatment is the type of treatment that one would receive inside of a sober living facility. Inpatient treatment is the treatment that a person receives inside of the rehabilitation center during a period of residency. It consists of various elements such as detoxification, counseling, therapy and more. Outpatient treatment is the treatment that occurs once per week. The patient does not have to check into the facility to receive outpatient treatment.

Our specialist can connect with the insurance company and find out the specifics of the policy so that the person can receive the necessary care.

Finding Alternative Solutions

In some cases, an addicted person does not have a reliable insurance policy, and that person has to try to pay for rehab some other way. Our financial agents are on call to help those persons receive the care they need. We can connect such persons with our third-party lending partners who can provide them with generous loans the same day they apply. The rehabilitation loans that they provide have fair interest rates and repayment terms.

Another option that a person has for rehab payment is government assistance. Our specialists can help a prospective patient to find a reliable government grant or scholarship to use for the recovery services. Sometimes, prospective patients qualify for Medicaid or Medicare services. Medicaid coverage is for people who have low incomes. Medicare usually goes to people who are 65 years of age or older. Our representatives will work hard to get a prospect in the doors so that person can beat addiction.

Providing Compassionate Care

Our specialists are more than just people who help prospective patients pay for care. Our specialists can act as friends and advisers. They are non-judgmental, prompt and courteous persons who understand the plight of the addicted man or woman. Their main goal is to make every person who calls the facility comfortable enough to share their feelings and experiences. Their main goal is to provide comfort and confidential assistance to people who need help. The financial specialists at our facility are willing to work overtime to ensure that a prospect receives the appropriate care.

Call Today for Immediate Solutions

If you or someone you know has a drug addiction, you can call our specialists about possible admission into one of our stellar programs. They will work with you to decipher your insurance coverage and find the best rate for your care. If you do not have coverage, the specialists will sift through the available alternatives and try to find an arrangement that works for your benefit. Our office may be able to work out a payment plan with you if there is no way to access benefits or a third-party advance. Call today and give us a chance to make your day brighter.