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Is It True That Drug Addicts Can’t Get Health Insurance?

If you are seeking to enter rehab for drug addiction, you might be worried about how to cover the cost of your treatment. You may be concerned that disclosing your addiction might mean that you won’t qualify for an insurance plan, or that if you are, you might be charged more or have an impossibly high deductible. However, the fact is that health insurance for those suffering from addiction is indeed available.

Rehab Treatment and the Affordable Care Act

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, as of 2014, all Medicaid programs and any health insurance sold through the Marketplace must provide coverage for the treatment of substance abuse and addiction. There are no spending limits in place for these plans, and you cannot be charged more for declaring a pre-existing medical condition – and addiction can be considered a medical issue – on your application. This means that you will not be prevented from purchasing a health insurance plan, and you will not be penalized for seeking treatment.

It is important to point out that this is only for new applicants; if your health insurance plan was purchased before that time, you may need to contact them to learn more about what sort of coverage can be granted for addiction disorders.

What Will Insurance Cover for Rehab Services?

Generally, a health insurance plan will fully cover assessment, detoxification, and outpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment may be covered partially or fully, depending on your provider, the coverage you currently receive and whether you want in-network or out-of-network treatment. You will need to to speak with your provider to determine what is covered and how much will be covered in your situation.

If you are seeking inpatient treatment for addiction and your insurance will only partially cover the cost of your stay, you can often work with the facility itself to fund the rest of the program. Sliding scale payments based on your income may be available, as well as grants and generous financing options depending on your situation.

Don’t Wait – Talk to Your Insurance Provider Today

The sooner you can seek professional help for your addiction, the sooner you can start on the path towards recovery and an active, healthy, and fulfilling life. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not you can get insurance if you are addicted to substances; with new healthcare laws in place, you will have access to the treatment you need.

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