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Cost of Rehab from Addiction or Alcoholism

Attending an appropriate rehabilitation program is a very important part of your journey toward sobriety. Yet you may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of going into the program, but also by the associated costs. The exact price of rehab is going to vary dramatically from center to center, and the cost differences often arise from the following factors.

Type of Program

Specifying the type of program in which you are interested will help you to get a better estimate on the price. For example, going to an outpatient program is generally going to cost significantly less than attending an inpatient program. You do not need to cover the cost of living with an outpatient program. You may also want to attend a faith-based program, a program that uses athletics to introduce coping methods or one that has halfway houses available.

Your Insurance Coverage

Of course, you also need to find out if your insurance will cover any of the stay. That’s very important to do early in the process. In fact, your insurance company may provide you with information about the type of programs it covers, and you should also find out what type of copay you will need to make. Don’t forget to contact your insurance company when you’re just in the early stages of researching rehab facilities. Doing so can help you to narrow down some of the option.

Program Location

Just as the cost of housing varies in different parts of the country, so does the price of rehabilitation facilities. If you choose a program that is located in a major city, you may find that the cost is significantly higher than if you had selected one in a rural area. When considering price and location, you may decide that you want to go away for treatment to obtain a better price. This decision can prove pivotal in your recovery. Sometimes, it takes getting away from your usual surroundings in order to recover from your addiction.

Facilities and Amenities

Different rehab programs are going to have different facilities, and those amenities will affect the prices. For example, some of them may offer spaces with entirely private bathrooms, and others will have shared bathrooms. Others will have an array of recreational activities, and some will focus primarily on counseling. Other programs might fund trips for the members to go on to engage in healthy activities. All of those features need to be taken into account when coming up with the price.

Length of Your Stay

Some people are going to engage in a 30-day program, and others will take part in 90-day plans toward success. The length of your stay will have a huge impact on the total amount of money that you need to pay.

Trying to figure out an average is difficult because so many factors are involved in the process. Many programs are somewhere around $10,000 a month, but you can find ones that are less. Remember, that is not necessarily your out-of-pocket expense; insurance can help you pay.

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