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Sober Living

Why Sober Living Is Important for Early Recovery

Sober living is a term that describes an environment in which many recovering persons live. A sober living environment is one that removes addicted substances, influential people and tempting activities from a person’s life for a set amount of time. Residents usually move into sober-living facilities after they get out of rehabilitation facilities for their problems.

The recovering addicts usually participate in meetings, work activities, chores and other tasks. They may participate in alternative activities such as fitness, sports and trips, as well. Going through a period of sober living is extremely important for a person who is trying to stay sober for the long haul. You may want to consider a sober-living facility if you or someone you know wants to recover from long-term drug or alcohol abuse. The following are 10 reasons that sober living is important for early recovery:

The Initial Change Can Spark Hope

Entering a sober living facility can cast a spark of hope upon a recovering addict. It can encourage that person’s belief that long-term change is possible. Recovering addicts sometimes experience fear and anxiety when they first leave a rehabilitation facility. Temptation and old friends may try to whisk them away before they have a fighting chance to survive. Moving into a sober-living home can eliminate anxiety and temptation. It can help to brace addicted persons and prepare them for their transition back into the world.

Removing Temptation Forces Alternative Solutions

An addicted person will have no choice but to fill his or her day with alternative thoughts and actions if the tempting substance is disallowed at the facility. Initially, the addicted person may think about the object of the addiction, but eventually, such thoughts will disappear.

A Fresh Setting Can Clear the Mind

A fresh setting can remove all impure and hurtful thoughts from a person’s mind. A fresh setting will implant a clean slate into the person’s thinking pattern. The individual will then create pleasant new memories and leave the hurtful ones in the past where they belong.

Positive Activities Can Boost Morale

Engaging in positive activities can boost a person’s self-esteem and morale. A sober-living facility may require its residents to perform house chores and other activities. A person may have to mop the floor, cook dinner, sweep the floor or conduct some other task that helps the other people in the house. Any helpful activity in which a person participates is a gift to that person and the people around him or her.

Setting Boundaries Can Increase Strength

An addicted person needs boundaries in the beginning stages of recovery. Those boundaries are a form of protection that can increase the person’s ability to resist temptations over time. A sober facility may have some rules that can help residents to keep themselves in a safe place in terms of addictive actions. For example a sober living facility may have a set curfew and a procedure that administrators conduct when any person comes back from leaving the facility. One of the coordinators may perform a drug or alcohol test to ensure that residents do not revert to their former ways. In time, the addicted person will adjust to the boundaries, and they will enjoy the new way of healthy living.

Planned Routines Can Help Build New Routines

The routines that a person learns in a sober-living facility can stick with that person for years after he or she leaves the facility. The person may get used to rising early in the morning, having breakfast with a family, reading books, exercising and other such activities.

Sober Living Programs Can Fortify Relapse Prevention

Time is one of the best defenses against relapse. An addicted person is less likely to relapse the longer that person stays sober. A sober-living facility increases the length of sobriety, which in turn fortifies relapse prevention.

Supportive Friends Can Encourage Long-Term Recovery

One of the best features of a sober living environment is that it promotes supportive friendships. Supportive friends can encourage long-term recovery by reminding people of their achievements and inspiring them to keep striving and improving. A sober-living environment may have group meetings during which the residents participate in a deep discussion. Residential members can share their stories, struggles and strategies with each other, and each person can add a special element to the group.

Being Around Like Individuals Can Increase Compassion

Compassion is something that a person can learn in a sober-living environment. Being around people in similar situations can help a resident to feel compassionate about other persons who are struggling. It will fill that person with the drive to help them, as well.

Counselors and Specialists Can Increase Understanding

The specialists that provide services inside of a sober-living home can increase knowledge and understanding among residents. Those specialists often have years of training and personal experience with addiction and people who have fallen into the addiction trap at one time or another. They bring gifts of enlightenment and strength to those who are in a weakened state and need fortification. A sober-living resident can receive uplifting by being in an environment that is full of compassionate and educated persons. Furthermore, the resident can come to understand the cycle of addiction fully.

Start a Sober Living Program Today

Sober living is a piece of the recovery puzzle that neither you nor your loved one should miss. Contact our facility today if you need to discuss transitional housing that can help to build your strength, faith and character. Our advocates are available to speak with you about the many options that are open for you. Do not be afraid to contact us, as your information is strictly confidential. We want to help you succeed in your ongoing journey of addiction recovery. Our sober-living environment and lessons are equipped to help you do that starting today. Call now for an immediate consultation.

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