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Finding the right detox center for your loved one doesn’t have to be as challenging as dealing with their substance addiction. If you arm yourself with the right information before contacting various facilities, you will be able to select the best place for your loved one’s long-term recovery.

How Can I Persuade My Loved One to Get Help from a Detox Center?

Initially, you can begin with subtle hints because your loved one might not realize he has a problem with addiction. It could be that he knows there is a problem but is too afraid to reach out for a solution. In either case, a casual conversation or leaflets on a table might trigger a confession that his addiction has spiraled out of control.

Because denial is a common behavior with many addictions, an intervention is usually your best chance of persuading a loved one to get help. Professionals can assist you in arranging an intervention that gives your loved one a stark choice to make: Either go to detox or face consequences of remaining an addict. More often than not, these consequences are loss of financial support, visitation rights and a home. One way to prepare for the intervention is arranging treatment at a detox center on your loved one’s behalf.

This may require group support from other family members and friends, where they can tell how they have been affected by your loved one’s substance abuse. They can also reinforce the consequences of not seeking treatment. Everyone should be prepared to follow through on the consequences if your loved one refuses to enter a detox center. Although interventions can be emotionally draining, the reward of having a loved one free from drugs or alcohol is worth the effort.

Detox centers endeavor to help individuals live a sober life that was once plagued by substance abuse. The initial process may consist of medications to reduce withdrawal symptoms during the medical detox phase. These medications may also remove cravings while curing issues that resulted from your loved one indulging in alcohol or drugs. Your loved one may have bouts of depression, anxiety and malnutrition that have consumed their health.

Once this phase passes, the center will introduce some form of therapy based on a previously determined personalized treatment plan. Therapies eventually move your loved one to reenter the outside world, usually supervised at first, but eventually on his own.

Finding the Right Detox Center

Your search will show that there are many different types of detox centers. Many factors are to be considered when it comes to finding the right center for your loved one. Use these recommendations as a checklist to make sure you choose one that offers the best of care for long-term recovery.

Quality of programs: Any successful treatment plan for addiction uses multiple therapies tailored to an individual’s abuse problems. You want a center that offers individual, group and cognitive therapy programs. Some centers also offer alternative therapies, which might be the best way to engage your loved one in his recovery process.

Education and training of staff: An addiction rehabilitation program cannot be better than the people providing patient care. Licensed therapists and other staff are the primary ones who will work closely with your loved one. They will need to explore deep-seated issues that may have led to the addiction. Sound guidance on living a productive, happy and sober life is important.

While some staff can use life experiences to relate to your loved one, they should also have credentials and professional qualifications to provide the highest of care. The team should be licensed counselors with at least a master’s level in education. In addition, you want to consider the staff-to-patient ratio at each center.

Detox center location: It is important to know whether the detox center is close to your home, across the country, in the middle of nowhere or in the heart of a large city. Where the center is located can play a huge part in your loved one thriving during the program.

Reputation of detox center: Fewer indicators exist of a center’s reputation than opinions of others who. Online reviews are dubious at best, but legitimate testimonials from former patients and their family provide the best insight. Often, programs with good reputations have been around for many years with clients willing to recommend their services. Expect onsite tours and names of alumni from detox centers with strong reputations. Additionally, reputable centers are open to answering your questions.

Services offered. Typically, your loved one will receive the best chance for sustained recovery offers a variety of therapies, including gender specific options. You will find almost all programs offer basic therapies such as family, group and individual therapy, and medical detox.

Exceptional programs take extra steps to offer alternative therapies like art and equine. These programs also have methods to treat the mind, spirit and body, including acupuncture and yoga. You want a program that also has relapse prevention and a continuing care plan for long-term treatment options.

In addition to the various therapies, take into account other activities that might be a good match for your loved one. Perhaps your loved one enjoys being outdoors. Programs that offer hiking or rock climbing might be a good fit.

While you will find a variety of programs, understand that two addicts will not have exactly the same needs. The detox center you choose should have an individualized treatment plan that focuses on your loved one’s needs. Choose a center that offers an arsenal of services to increase your loved one’s chances of making a full recovery.

Your Loved One Can Begin a New Life after Detox

Straight answers to some complicated questions will simplify life during a time when your world is anything but simple. Seeking the right answers show that you still have hope. Understand that living a healthy new life free from alcohol or drug addiction is a real possibility for your loved one. Continue on this journey by getting professional help from a quality detox center.

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