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Is a Treatment Center A Lockdown Like Jail?

If you are entering one of our detoxification centers or rehabilitation facilities, then you probably have concerns about the conditions. Our clients are not locked into a facility as if they are criminals who have committed a crime. However, if you do choose to leave a facility permanently, then inform the counselors who can prepare the paperwork to release you from our care.

The Detox Process Requires Supervision

Modern rehabilitation facilities do not force addicts to accept treatment by placing them in a detoxification room with bars on the windows or locks on the doors. During detoxification, you will stay in a comfortable room. Our physicians and counselors can help you during this difficult transition phase that includes uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. We might administer medication to relieve problems such as dizziness or vomiting, and a counselor might offer bedside counseling to reduce your anxiety.

Bedrooms are Comfortable

After leaving detox, you will live for 30 to 90 days in a room that has a relaxing bed and storage space for your possessions. In some cases, you will share a room with other recovering addicts, but some facilities have private sleeping areas and individual bathrooms. Before beginning detox, you can select a residential facility that meets your needs.

Clients are tested for Substances

You are not locked into your bedroom at night, and we do not force our clients to remain in a facility. If you do leave for any reason, then we collect your information, and when you return, you are required to have a urine or blood test to check for alcohol or drug consumption. We will also check your possessions when you return to ensure that no drugs, alcohol or paraphernalia are brought into one of our facilities.

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We want to make sure that other residents in our facilities are not tempted to relapse because a client leaves a center and brings in contraband. As you progress in your treatment, you might go on a field trip with other clients, and the same inspection procedures are followed to protect everyone from relapsing to alcohol or drug use. Contact our counselors today with a telephone call to learn more about beginning substance abuse treatment in a modern rehab facility.

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