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Traveling To a Different State for Rehab

There are good reasons to go to another state for drug or alcohol addiction treatment, including getting away from bad influences. For an addict who has numerous friends in a particular area, remaining in a familiar neighborhood can lead to a dangerous relapse. In addition, the best rehabilitation facility for a certain type of addiction is often located in another state.

What Type of Care is Available in a Different State?

When an addict needs specialized rehabilitation for an alcohol or drug addiction, going to another state is frequently the best option. In another area, there is often a facility that caters to an addiction to heroin or cocaine while in a client’s current location there is no specialized rehabilitation facility.

Is Addiction Treatment in Another State Private?

The privacy regulations followed by rehabilitation centers is the same throughout the United States, so if a client travels to a new location, then the counselors use these guidelines. In fact, traveling to a different state is often more private because no one will know you at the new location.

How are Questions about Treatment Answered from Another State?

Rehabilitation facilities have toll-free telephone numbers that make it easy for our clients to ask questions about treatment plans. It is also simple for clients to contact intake counselors with emails at anytime of the day or night.

How does a Client Pay for Treatment in an Out-of-State Facility?

The business employees in an out-of-state rehabilitation facility offer payment plans that are similar to the ones located at a client’s location. Most medical insurance companies are willing to pay a portion of the cost of addiction treatment, and clients can also apply for scholarships.

How do Clients Receive Aftercare when They Leave an Out-of-State Facility?

When a client is finished with residential treatment at an out-of-state location, it is possible to transition to a nearby sober living environment. If a client wants to return home, then counselors will find an appropriate outpatient center that offers cognitive behavioral therapy and 12-step meetings.

We can Help Find Out-of-State Rehabilitation Centers

Drug and alcohol addicts can contact us to request information about rehabilitation facilities that are located in other states. After collecting information about an addict’s particular addiction, it is possible to find a center that meets their needs, including facilities that are designed for teenagers.

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