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Top 10 Blogs About Addiction

The process of recovering from drugs or alcohol is not an easy feat, but can be accomplished when you change your environment, relationships, and the information you read. These steps are important for helping you to keep your mind focus on positive things. One way you can stay updated about addiction recovery resources is by reading blogs that are dedicated to helping addicts become drug free. Listed below are ten blogs that you can bookmark and refer to anytime you need expert advice about issues you may be dealing with. – Comprehensive information is listed regarding drug research and treatment.

Addiction Inbox – This blog lists detailed posts which discuss the effects of drugs, drug contents, and other interesting drug research articles.

Addiction Land – Expert advice is offered to addicts looking for resources for drug, food, gambling, and other addictions.

An Addict in Our Son’s Bedroom – This blog is a resource for parents dealing with a drug addict. It is an outlet that can be used to express your family challenges with other readers.– This blog has intervention resources for families experiencing challenges with drug addicted loved ones.

LatterDaySaints Addiction Recovery Blogs – This blog is offered to recovering addicts who want to express their thoughts and advice to other addicts. Family members are also welcome to share survival experiences. – This blog provides thought-provoking posts and presents topics regarding factors that influence drug and alcohol dependency. – Informative posts are listed regarding the National Institute on Drug Abuse initiatives. This blog also provides information on treatment methods.

Smart Recovery – This blog provides advice on recovery related to a broad range of addictions including how to cope with grief. If you can’t find what you’re looking for from the latest posts, you may be able to find something targeted toward your situation from archive posts.

Guinevere Gets Sober – This blog highlights issues that plague many addicts when trying to end substance abuse, eating disorders, and other life threatening activities.

These blogs are very informative and can be used as a resource you can turn to when you don’t have anyone to talk to about issues that concern you that others may not understand. You can also reach out to networks through these blogs which may not be available in your local area.

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