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The Oddest Places You Will Find Drug Rehabs

Remote drug rehab centers might refer to being located in exotic or unusual settings, or remote can mean any location as far as possible from where a drug addict lives. From rugged adventure to calmer serendipitous surroundings, remote seems to be a key word in selecting a drug rehab center for the greater benefits of being removed from a familiar environment and its triggers, and for maintaining privacy and anonymity.

Wilderness and Ranch Drug Rehab Centers

Wilderness rehab centers offer rugged experiences with nature guided by therapists to complement a drug treatment program. Some are residential while others are coordinated separately as part of a treatment program. Heading for the hills, as in the hills of Malibu, California, might be the perfect setting to step into treatment and tap into the greater forces of nature for help healing the body, mind and soul on the road to recovery. Working ranches and recreational wilderness resources such as equine-assisted therapy, hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing are designed to provide new perspectives on life and the business of this thing called living.

Jungle Rehab Centers

Peru and Brazil offer unique experiences in jungle settings, but some of their extreme drug rehab treatments are considered dangerous and their programs controversial.

Oddly Poor Drug Rehab Places

Drug addicts already chained to their substance are looking to break free from their addiction and not be further confined in odd places like a cell in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, where being forbidden to speak for up to 40 days and only getting a monthly shower seems to be the extreme opposite of getting clean.

Island and Tropical Locations

Antigua and Hawaii offer luxurious island outdoor settings in which to explore and address underlying causes of drug addiction and possible dual diagnosis. Snorkel with turtles in the Pacific or work with trained dolphins. A little down time on a remote beach or in a lava tube might kindle new perspectives. Florida has drug rehab facilities with a tropical setting for those who prefer remote locations closer to home.

Being far from home can feel scary to someone seeking treatment, but being in a remote location does not mean being out of touch with family and loved ones. This is especially important to clients with children and to teens away from home for the first time. Australia, for example, has pet-friendly drug rehabs that can make being in unfamiliar surroundings easier to bear. Drug addicts who have forgotten how to live while they live can interact with different environments to build confidence, heal hurts and ignite new flames of passion for living life on life’s terms. This journey can begin at drug rehabs found in the oddest places.

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