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The Evolution of Drug Rehabs

The business of drug rehab has undergone some very sweeping changes in a relatively short period of time. Fortunately, all of these changes were for the betterment of treatment overall. The new ideas of how to treat all kinds of drug and alcohol addictions will ensure that more people with these kinds of problems will find their way to the end of the tunnel successful rather than disappointed.

The Political Influence of Society on Drug Rehab

Today, we recognize alcohol as perhaps the most dangerous drug on the marketplace, in part because of its status as a legal drug. Many drug rehab centers are cracking down on treatments when it comes to alcohol, but this is only because of a change of thinking in the separation of the norms of society from the drug rehab centers of the world.

A few generations back, cocaine used to be just as legal as alcohol is today. As a matter of fact, alcohol was the illegal contraband in those days. However, the political influence of the norms of society were much stronger back then than they are today. People would routinely become addicted to cocaine and society would think nothing of it. These people would not receive treatment, and in some high society circles, an addiction to cocaine was actually looked upon as a symbol of status.

Today, drug rehab centers are much less likely to take the ideas of society into account when treating someone. Because the data that a drug rehab facility receives is much more scientific, doctors can make an individual assessment of a patient outside of societal norms. Is the overuse of the drug hurting the patient? Then a remedy will be prescribed to that patient regardless of social status or the opinions of the law.

The Move Towards Holistic Treatment

In the past, many drug and alcohol treatment centers treated addiction like a decision on the part of an addict. The treatment for such cases was harsh. In many cases, drug rehab resembled a military camp more than it did a place of relaxation, as most of the centers do today. People actually thought that pushups could move an addicted person away from an addiction with no social changes!

It is well known now that people need a holistic approach in order to truly have a chance at a successful treatment. Those who do have this kind of treatment are much less likely to relapse. They are also much less likely to fall back into social circles that upheld the drug use. The secret is helping the addict to develop new patterns of thinking and alternative lifestyles. With new choices, addicts can make more informed decisions.

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