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Trusted Rehab Centers in Rhode Island

Standard Listings

Galilee Mission Inc

268 Kingstown Road
Narragansett, RI 2882

Gateway Healthcare Inc

105 Bacon Street
Pawtucket, RI 2860

Gateway Inc

166 Pawtucket Avenue
Pawtucket, RI 2860

Journey to Hope Health and Healing

160 Narragansett Avenue
Providence, RI 2907

Journey to Hope Health and Healing Inc

985 Plainfield Street
Johnston, RI 2919

Meadows Edge Recovery Center

580 Ten Rod Road
North Kingstown, RI 2852

Find a Rhode Island Rehab That Is Unique to You

Despite being a small state, Rhode Island ranked number one in the nation in several drug-use categories according to the White House’s recent control update on drugs. If you live in Rhode Island and struggle with addiction, remember there is always hope for recovery.

Drug addiction can be treated best at a rehab facility, and every rehab facility offers its own unique features that cater to different individuals. Finding one that fits your needs or the needs of a loved one is important and should be a top priority.

Helping a Friend or Loved One Who is Addicted to Drugs

If you are not the one struggling with addiction, it can be so difficult to see a friend or loved one go through this disease. For a while, you might simply rely on hope to get you through, but this approach rarely seems to work.

As someone close to the individual, it is your job to take action. You can’t make anyone do something they don’t want to, but you can be honest and offer your support and help. Sometimes, people need that extra push.

  • Be honest and don’t hold anything back
  • Stay kind and compassionate
  • Try the one-on-one approach
  • Or try an intervention with other friends and loved ones of the individual
  • Avoid making a laundry list of things you think they’re doing wrong
  • Offer solution options and your own support and help

Recovery Happens One Day at a Time

Whether it’s you or a friend or loved one who is suffering from addiction in Rhode Island, there is hope for recovery at a licensed rehab center. According to studies and numerous statistics, attending a residential treatment program offers the best means for achieving sobriety. Let us help you or your friend or relative find the recovery you’ve been looking for.

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