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Trusted Rehab Centers in North Carolina

Standard Listings

ACDM Assesment and Csl of

114 North Elm Street
Greensboro, NC 27401


5105 Monroe Road
Charlotte, NC 28205

Addiction Recovery Care Association

1931 Union Cross Road
Winston Salem, NC 27107

Al Con Counseling

610 Pasteur Drive
Greensboro, NC 27403

Alcohol and Drug Services

842 East Pritchard Street
Asheboro, NC 27203

Alcoholics Home Inc

5884 Riverdale Drive
Jamestown, NC 27282

Finding a Drug Treatment Facility in North Carolina

When someone is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction in North Carolina, finding the right drug rehab center is of the utmost importance. North Carolina is a beautiful state with welcoming people and a beautiful landscape. But drugs and addiction continue to be serious problems.

The majority of addicts in North Carolina find help at drug rehab centers. There, they undergo detoxification and intensive therapy to get back on their feet.

What Happens After a Drug Rehab Program Is Completed?

Drug rehab can be a difficult experience for individuals who suffer from addiction. But it gets better the more you put into the program. Unfortunately, some programs leave their patients to return to their residences and readjust back to normal life without any assistance.

The best treatment programs offer a sober living program. This means of living offers an easier transition into daily life. During this time, several stipulations need to be met by the individuals and some assistance will also be provided by the rehab center, including the following:

  • Attendance at 12-step meetings will be required
  • Group and one-on-one therapy sessions will be offered
  • Random drug testing will help ensure sobriety
  • Assistance will be given for finding new jobs, schooling or career paths

Find Recovery One Day at a Time

Each day in our lives is a blessing, and they should be treated as such. When someone in North Carolina finds sobriety and recovers from addiction, the days are longer and more precious. Everything in life seems a little brighter. But getting there can be a difficult journey. Fortunately, you have to go on this journey alone. With the help of our drug rehab facilities, we will assist you in achieving recovery one day at a time.

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