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Trusted Rehab Centers in Louisiana

Standard Listings

Acadiana Addiction Center

3008 West Pinhook Road
Lafayette, LA 70508

Acadiana Recovery Center

401 West Vermillion Street
Lafayette, LA 70501

Addiction Recovery Resources Inc

4933 Wabash Street
Metairie, LA 70001

Alcohol and Drug Unit

Highway 190 West
Mandeville, LA 70470

Allen Outreach Inc

113 North 13th Street
Oakdale, LA 71463

Alternative Outpatient Services

341 Doucet Road
Lafayette, LA 70503

Compare Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Louisiana

We bring years of experience to bear on the problem of treating drug abuse. We understand that the chance to provide treatment is an important opportunity; the addict can change his or her life in vital ways. Much depends on getting the right treatment resources to find and treat the causes of the addiction. Substance abuse involves more than abusing drugs or alcohol; it comes from the person’s life circumstances. For some individuals, addiction stems from other health or mental health issues that also require treatment.

Detoxification is Important

The State of Louisiana provides medically supported detoxification services at the RRTC facility in Pineville, Louisiana. The facility provides counseling and therapy. It has services to provide family participation. We know that no single approach will work for all cases. Just as no two people are exactly alike, no two addictions are exactly alike. The best chance for success views the whole person and attempts to treat the whole person. We offer an in-depth assessment that leads to admission and placement. When your loved one makes a commitment to recovery, we will find the right program to meet their needs

State Licensed Facilities

The state and its licensed treatment providers offer a range of services for detoxification and therapy. They include residential and outpatient facilities. They list locations that offer maintenance and special facilities for opiate addiction. There are treatment approaches designed for parents of minor children and high priority interventions for critical categories such as pregnant women and IV drug users. We agree that treatment should offer resources that fit the needs of the recovering addict.

Help When Needed

We stand ready to help break the cycle of substance abuse, risks to health, and threats of criminal penalties. We understand the heartbreak of watching a loved one waste the chance for a full and rewarding life. Call us, and we will help find a solution to substance abuse.

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