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Family and Childrens Agency Inc

9 Mott Avenue
Norwalk, CT 6850

Farrell Treatment Center

586 Main Street
New Britain, CT 6051

Grant Street Partnership

62 Grant Street
New Haven, CT 6519

Hartford Dispensary

1098 Farmington Avenue
Bristol, CT 6010

Hartford Dispensary

345 Main Street
Hartford, CT 6106

Hartford Dispensary

12-14 and 16-18 Weston Street
Hartford, CT 6120

Compare Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Connecticut

Substance abuse has many potential causes, and they vary with each case. In a meaningful sense, only the outward drug and alcohol behaviors are the same. We view each case as an individual, the whole person. To be successful, treatment providers and programs must recognize the fact that no two addictions are the same.

Treatment for Those in Need

The state of Connecticut provides addiction treatment services for alcohol and drug dependencies. Persons with demonstrated need can get treatment without limits from ability to pay. We agree that wealth should not be a barrier to treatment for substance abuse. Further, many people with substance abuse also have contributory and underlying conditions that require treatment. The substance abuser’s family and friends are an important resource for recovery. Successful treatment requires a commitment to a life of sobriety. Family and friends can be a vital support system that helps the recovering addict stay on course and maintain the commitment.

Drug Abuse Outbreaks

Connecticut recognizes the need to expand access to treatment. Against a background of continuing episodes high opiate addiction and many heroin-related deaths, the state has mobilized federal grant funds to improve access and capacity for treatment. The state will expand the use of vouchers that will enable treatment by local and community-based organizations.

Getting the Right Program

We understand the importance of selecting the right treatment provider. Our approach is a fact-based system that seeks to understand the whole person and the entire circumstances rather than just the addiction. Heroin and opiate addictions are among the most difficult to treat and manage. Detoxification and intensive therapy are only the beginning, and many people require long-term assistance. The best opportunity for treatment requires a lifelong commitment to sobriety and drug-free living. It also requires program resources that meet the needs of the recovering addict. We can help ensure that the commitment to change meets the right program and resources for success.

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