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Trusted Rehab Centers in Arkansas

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Ouachita Medical Center

638 California Street
Camden, AR 71701

Quality Living Center Inc

3925 Asher Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72204

Quapaw House Inc

500 Quapaw Avenue
Hot Springs National Park, AR 71901

Quapaw House Inc

812 Mountain Pine Road
Hot Springs National Park, AR 71913

Recover at Baptist Health

9601 Interstate 630
Little Rock, AR 72205

Recovery Centers of Arkansas

6301 Father Tribou Street
Little Rock, AR 72205

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Arkansas

Drug and alcohol abuse causes severe disruptions in an individual and family situation. It can involve criminal charges and enforced commitment to treatment. These alternatives to incarceration and punishment are particularly important for youthful offenders whose lives and future potential can be permanently changed by criminal records and convictions.

Diversion and Treatment

Arkansas uses a special Drug Court program to divert youthful drug dependent persons into treatment as an alternative to criminal prosecution and incarceration. Community-based organizations provide treatment that lasts on average about 18 months. Treatment that is enforced by penalty of incarceration is more productive than jail time. The main purpose is to reduce costs to the state since incarceration costs more the $45.00 per day and the court costs of diversion are about $4.50 per day. We understand that effective treatment involves more than criminal conduct and charges; it requires a commitment to change.

Government-Assisted Treatment Facilities

The Government of Arkansas provides access to community-based treatment facilities and programs based on serving communities. They structure and provide services keyed to the makeup of the communities they serve. We at know that effective treatment must do more than address substance abuse; it must consider the whole person and put them on a course for healing. Our assessments help find treatment solutions for the causes of addiction and all of the life circumstances that contribute to dependency. Let us help you help your drug dependent loved ones. We can find the right treatment resources to set them on a path to successful recovery.

Finding a Path to Recovery

Effective treatment requires an assessment of the whole person, and it has the best chance of success when it involves a life-long commitment to sobriety and living drug-free. We understand the deep concerns of family members and loved ones; with alcohol and drug addiction, the situation can appear to be hopeless. We can help. The decision to seek treatment is the beginning of recovery. We can find the right combination of treatment resources to give your loved one the best chance of success.

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