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Smoking Pot While Still Going To Meetings (You’re Doing It Wrong)

While you might think that continuing to smoke marijuana while overcoming an addiction to a drug or alcohol is a good idea, some experts would disagree. Research reveals that a small percentage of individuals become dependent on the mild effects of cannabis. When you smoke marijuana, the effects of cannabis changes how your mind and body react. Because you have already had an addiction to beer, wine or cocaine, you are more susceptible to developing a new bad habit.

There Are Detrimental Side Effects from Smoking Marijuana

Experts have found that there are side effects from smoking marijuana that include:

  • Changes in your appetite
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Sleep disruption
  • Possibility of having anxiety attacks
  • Higher incidence of depression

One of the most important aspects of recovery using the 12-steps includes living a healthy and sober lifestyle. Any type of chemical can change the way you think or the way your body reacts, leading to the possibility of a new addiction that consumes your daily life. In 12-step meetings, you will hear that not smoking tobacco is recommended to avoid an addiction to nicotine, so at the same time, smoking marijuana is not recommended.

A Dependence on Marijuana Can Take Over Your Life

If you develop a psychological dependence on marijuana, then you might spend most of your time smoking the substance rather than working or attending school. Depending on how much marijuana that you smoke, you risk withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit, requiring additional treatment in one of our residential rehab facilities.

Avoid Developing an Addiction to a New Substance

After overcoming an addiction to one substance, it is easy to turn to another chemical to reduce your intense cravings. Because medical marijuana is legal in some geographic regions, there are individuals who think that it is safe to smoke and is not addictive. However, our counselors receive telephone calls from prospective clients who want help for an addiction to marijuana.

Contact a Counselor to Learn More about Treatment for Marijuana Addiction

While in one of our residential rehabilitation facilities, you will learn why we recommend avoiding all types of addictive substances, including alcohol, tobacco and marijuana. Some of our clients are more likely to have addictive behaviors, and to avoid developing a new habit, it is essential to stay away from any mind-altering substance. To begin residential or outpatient treatment for an addiction to marijuana, contact us today.

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