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Shocking Statistics About Success of Rehabs

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 40 to 60 prevent of persons fail rehabilitation and fall into relapse. If relapse is deemed a failure, the up to 60 percent of those in rehab fail. NIDA argues that this is an unreasonable way to measure success or failure, and compares it to other diseases like diabetes and hypertension in which persons frequently relapse at rates above 70 percent. Unlike drugs, success in those fields means detection and getting care.

Most People Fail Drug Rehab

The tendency of the government and most treatment providers may be to hide the poor rates of traditional success in their activities. It would encourage greater effort if there were more success. Truth is a powerful thing; the fact that most people fail rehab is a vital piece of information for families, friends, and those needing recovery. The bad results of one effort must not be the final answer; one has to learn and try again until successful.

The Real World Model

Most successful recoveries involved many failures before finding long-term sobriety. Some of the reports of complete transformations show that there was a rocky path from addiction to recovery to sobriety. The powerful cravings are a big part of the picture. The same reasons that caused addiction initially can repeat when they involve friends, deep relationships, and life circumstances like depression or disease.

Facing the National Opioid Epidemic

Government agencies and private treatment facilities have been overwhelmed by the increases in addiction and need for services. This is despite many new sources of treatment such as the Affordable Care Act. The rise in overdoses and death by overdose has changed the way we see the problem. We provide Naloxone to first responders and experiment with supervised injection programs, drug of choice withdrawal, and increased use of drug assisted treatment like methadone.

Call Us, We Can Help

Drug rehabilitation is not easy particularly when the drugs are powerful opioids and heroin. Many people try several times before finding a long-lasting state of sobriety. The best chance for success remains in finding the right resources to treat the addict and the addiction. Success depends on finding the causes of the addiction and applying them to the addict’s life circumstances. Call us; we can help put you or your loved one on a path for rehab success. Don’t delay; every day of drug usage is a risk if permanent injury or worse. Call us today.

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