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Setting a Quit Date for Your Addiction

If you have decided to take steps toward ridding yourself of addiction and bondage, then you are to be commended. The same is true if you are helping someone else to break away from addiction. There are many ways that you can start your journey of recovery. Picking a “quit date” is one way you can begin. Many people use the “quit date” method to stop smoking cigarettes. The following are a few reasons why it works with other addictions:

It Establishes a Clear Goal

Setting a quit date for a habit establishes a clear goal. The addicted person makes himself or herself aware that the reign of addiction is soon going to end on a set date. It provides the person with a clear goal to achieve. The person can choose to wean off of the drug or habit and make the process comfortable.

It Allows the Addicted Person Time to Mentally Prepare

Mental preparation is important with any addiction. Setting a defined quit date relieves the person from the anxiety that may come with an abrupt ending. The addicted person knows that he or she will stop using the substance on a specific day, so no stress enters the mind when the day comes.

It Allows the Addicted Person to Prepare in Other Ways

Setting a solid quit date allows the addicted person to set up things with the job, the family and the rehabilitation center. There are no surprises for anyone when the quit date arrives and life must change for all who are involved. No one is thrown off or shocked when the addicted person has to separate from former “friends” and start engaging in activities that nurture the person’s true potential. Bosses can provide the appropriate leave time so the person can keep the job, as well. The system can work for all types of addictions, including those that do not revolve around substances (gambling, dysfunctional “love,” etc).

Find a Reliable Rehab Center Today

If you or someone you love has set a quit date, then you can help that person further by finding a reputable rehabilitation center. Professional researchers can find a facility that can maximize your recovery potential and decrease your chance of relapsing. They have years of experience researching various facilities and their programs. They can compare several centers and match them to your specific needs. You can get started on a bright future by calling us today.

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