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Should I Quit Smoking During or After Rehab?

If you are a smoker, then you probably wonder if it is better to give up the tobacco habit during or after a rehabilitation treatment. Experts recommend giving up the smoking habit while in rehabilitation because it is considered a co-occurring condition. For many drug addicts, the trigger to smoke a cigarette is the same for wanting to drink alcohol or use drugs. Just smelling the smoke from a cigarette can create a response in the body that leads to a craving to use a drug or drink alcohol.

Overcome Multiple Addictions

In a rehab facility, counselors can help you overcome multiple addictive behaviors, including the use of tobacco. There is a good chance that the rehabilitation facility that you choose will have a no smoking policy in place inside all of the buildings. The only way that you are permitted to smoke is away from the buildings because other residents will not want to breathe the secondhand smoke.

Participate in a Smoking Cessation Program

Individuals who want to overcome an addiction to tobacco can enter a facility that offers a smoking cessation program. In addition to attending 12-step meetings and counseling sessions to learn how to avoid alcohol and drugs, you can attend support group meetings to overcome a tobacco habit. The nicotine in cigarettes is also a drug that can stimulate your body, and continuing to smoke means that you still have an addiction to a substance.

Avoid a Relapse

When you are in recovery for substance abuse, you learn that there are behaviors that make you want to take drugs or drink alcohol. If you are accustomed to drinking alcohol while smoking, then continuing to smoke will make you crave a drink. In addition, the smell of cigarette smoke can lead to an intense craving for using a drug again, making your recovery more difficult.

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Call one of our counselors to find a rehab facility that provides treatment for several types of addictions at one time. The medications that are provided during rehabilitation are helpful for reducing the cravings for drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Entering a treatment program for a substance abuse problem is the perfect time to improve your overall well-being by also giving up the smoking habit.

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