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The Problem With Making Lists of the “Best Drug Rehabs”

You may be creating a list of the “best drug rehabs” for yourself or your loved one who needs drug addiction treatment. It is quite understandable that you would want the very best treatment for yourself or someone that you cherish. Unfortunately, problems arise when you try make lists of the best drug rehabs. The following are three of them:

  1. Best Is a Subjective Word

The biggest problem with making a list of the best drug rehabs is that the word best is subjective. Best can mean two different things to two different people. The best drug rehab may be one that offers a painting class as an alternative therapy for one person. The term best to another person may refer to the cleanness of the sheets or the architecture of the building to another person.

  1. The Center Plays the Judge

Another problem is that every rehabilitation center believes that it is the “best” place with the “best” program. Their belief of such things does not make them so. Therefore, you may end up writing down the names of 10 centers that are truly mediocre, but they call themselves the best to gain status.

  1. You May Be Using the Wrong Criteria

You must be mindful of the criteria that you are using to determine that a rehabilitation is best. Some elements should not be a determining factor in whether you go to a specific center or not.

A Better List to Make

A better list for you to make is a long list of your needs or your loved one’s need. Do you need one-on-one therapy, or would you group therapy serve you better? Do you want to be in a facility that has sports equipment or a swimming pool? Do you want secular treatment, or would you prefer a faith-based environment? What kind of insurance and funding do you have? How long would you like the program to last? That list will help you when you advance to the next step, which is speaking to some agents that can truly connect you with the “best” place. The beset place will be the one that fits the tailored plan for what you require.

Ask One of Our Agents

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