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What Percentage of People Stay Clean After Rehab?

The best decision a drug addict can make is the decision to get clean. They are at times bombarded by questions about how sure is rehab and if they will really keep clean after that. To answer these questions, they look at recovery statistics. In some sort, these statistics give them motivation. However, experts’ advice that looking at these statistics for hopes may not be the best way to start a recovery program.

Recovery Statistics

Recovering from addiction is not as easy as entering a rehabilitation center and coming out clean. It requires a lot of dedication from the addict and often involves at least one relapse before the addicts can completely free themselves from the chains of addiction. The National Institute on Drug Abuse advices that drug addiction should be treated like a chronic illness affecting the brain and body. Achieving a flawless recovery in any illness is a high shot. This means, though it may take time, recovery from an addiction is possible. The same way thirty to fifty percent of people with type 1 diabetes fail to stick to their treatment plan, forty to sixty percent of drug addicts will relapse from their treatment plan. The numbers may seem overwhelming but it is also wise to note that a good percentage totally stays clean after rehab. For instance, addicts who abstain from their drug of addiction for five years after rehab only have a fifteen percent chance of relapsing. Those who stay sober for at least a year have over an over fifty percent chance of remaining sober.

What next after a relapse?

Drug addicts may have a lot in common, but each individual has a different recovery journey. In case a relapse does occur, the best path is not giving up, but trying to get clean. This is because a relapse does not mean the addict is a loser, but that his recovery process is a bit tougher than the next addict who never got a relapse. It is advisable that the addicts looks into themselves and find the cause of the relapse. If it was for instance social pressures, then it may be good if they stayed away from that particular social circle. Eliminating oneself from the cause of the relapse can highly assist the recovery process.

Drug addiction like many known illnesses can be cure. All it needs is patience during the recovery process by the addict and a lot of support from friends and family. Getting 100% clean from a drug addiction is absolutely possible.

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