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How Painkillers Actually Cause Pain

After a surgical procedure or an injury, your physician might prescribe painkillers for two weeks to reduce your discomfort. During your recovery time, you should also find other ways to eliminate the pain of an incision or broken bone such as using massages or applications of ice packs. Unfortunately, you may become addicted to the numbing effects of prescription painkillers, leading to a mental and physical addiction that can destroy your personal life. Instead of relieving your pain, painkillers can cause serious problems that will affect your relationships or damage your career.

Overuse of Painkillers Leads to Addiction

A side effect from painkillers is feeling euphoria, and you might find this addictive. Painkillers are designed to change your brain and body’s chemistry to eliminate discomfort, but the chemicals in this drug also change your emotions. Long-term use of painkillers is dangerous, and a physician avoids providing prescriptions for a patient unless they have a serious condition such as terminal cancer. However, if you become addicted to the drug, you may visit multiple physicians to get additional prescriptions. Some individuals travel to different states and use fake identification to get more painkillers.

Painkiller Addicts Seek More of the Drug

Our drug rehabilitation counselors know that our clients resort to a variety of methods to obtain painkillers, including stealing medications from friends and relatives. You might develop a painkiller addiction that leads to breaking into a clinic or pharmacy to steal pills. Drug dealers also sell opioid painkillers to addicts, and you may choose to steal money or engage in illegal activity to pay for the substances. Using painkillers for several months or years leads to serious dangers because you need more of the drug to feel its effects. Increasing or decreasing a painkiller dosage can cause respiratory distress or cardiac arrest.

Call Us to Begin Painkiller Addiction Treatment

The best way to overcome an addiction to painkillers is with our assistance at a residential rehabilitation facility. Our counselors can find a detox program that is designed to help you during the initial days of withdrawal. After a few days of this treatment, we will transition you into a residential program that provides 24-hour care. In addition to attending daily 12-step meetings and counseling sessions, you will receive nutritious meals to help you recover from an addiction to painkillers. Call us today to learn more about our high-quality drug rehab facilities.

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