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Millions Of People Are Covered For Detox, And You’re Probably One of Them

There are many services that insurance plans will cover including substance abuse treatment. If you’re wondering what type of service is covered under substance abuse treatment, your insurance plan booklet should provide details. One of the main services that is included in substance abuse treatment is detox. Millions of people are covered for detox, and you’re probably one of them. Detox is essential in helping your body cleanse itself of the toxic substances that you have used. You may have tried detoxing on your own, but it did not work. Your failed detox attempts may have discouraged you and caused you to relapse, but the professional detox treatment offered at a rehab center can help you conquer your struggle with drugs.

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company

If you have not inquired about detox coverage, now is the perfect time to do so. It may have taken you awhile to make up your mind about accepting help from a rehab center, but your decision is one of the best choices you could have ever made. If you cannot find your insurance plan booklet, you should call your insurance company to inquire about detox coverage. If you’re not sure what questions to ask when you speak with an insurance representative, you can begin by asking how many appointments are covered within a year and what percentage will your insurance plan pay. Obamacare health plans cover substance abuse services, but the out of pocket will vary so you should also ask the representative what your cost sharing fee will be for detox.

Claim Your Detox Coverage

All too often insurance policyholders forego medical treatment because they think they’re not covered or may not be aware of various benefits. When you admit yourself into a rehab program, you’re at the point in your life where you understand the importance of addiction treatment. We also understand the importance of addiction treatment and that’s why we offer detox as a part of our rehab programs. When you seek to understand your insurance coverage regarding substance abuse treatment, you can take advantage of all of the medical services that will help you recover successfully.

If you have a loved one who doesn’t understand his or hers insurance coverage for detox, you can provide assistance by calling the insurance company to ask for an updated insurance summary booklet. The rehab center you or your loved one have selected can also provide information about which insurance plans are accepted.

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