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Meet Me in AA after Treatment

When someone enters one of our rehabilitation facilities for treatment for alcoholism, we enroll them in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings right away. This organization was one of the first ways for an alcoholic to receive help from a supportive group of other individuals with the same addiction. Recovered alcoholics must continue to attend Alcoholic Anonymous meetings on a daily or weekly basis for the rest of their lives.

What is the Type of Treatment for Alcoholism?

Alcoholics need a few days to detoxify and will receive prescription medications to relieve difficult symptoms such as vomiting and headaches. After detoxification, a recovering addict transitions to a residential facility to begin long-term treatment from knowledgeable counselors. While in treatment, clients begin to attend Alcoholic Anonymous 12-step meetings with other residents.

Is Addiction Treatment Private?

The counselors in our facilities are required to follow federal guidelines to protect a client’s privacy. While undergoing treatment, we ask that clients keep each other’s identity private to ensure the best outcome. Counselors do not contact a client’s employers or neighbors to discuss detoxification or rehabilitation.

Will Counselors Answer Questions About Treatment?

Intake counselors are able to answer a client’s questions before they enter one of our rehabilitation facilities. Some of the things that clients want to know are if a facility’s counselors specialize in treating alcoholism or diagnosing co-occurring conditions. After entering treatment, a client is welcome to continue asking for information from on-site counselors.

How do Clients Pay for Treatment?

Our rehabilitation facilities have business offices that can help clients create a package to pay for services. Most recovering alcoholics use a combination of medical insurance, co-payments and scholarships to stay in treatment for 30 to 90 days.

What Happens After Rehabilitation Ends?

After leaving a structured rehabilitation program for alcoholism, we recommend transitioning to a sober house for a minimum of 30 days. Clients are responsible for attending daily Alcoholic Anonymous meetings while in a sober house environment. When a client returns home, they should continue to attend 12-step meetings at least once a week.

Prepare for a New Life

Today is the best time to begin a new lifestyle without alcohol, and a rehabilitation facility is able to provide one-on-one and group counseling to help clients overcome their addictive behaviors. Our counselors can help you find the perfect facility that meets your requirements.

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