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New Creation

New Creation
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About New Creation

New Creation is committed to providing a safe, peaceful, serene, and comfortable place for people to take the first step from chemical dependence toward freedom from addiction and into a life recovered. From cleansing the body through detoxification, to healing the mind, body, and spirit through personalized structured treatment plans, New Creation is prepared to walk with you and your family with support and encouragement.

The First Step

The first step comes from within the individual – recognizing the need for help. From there, New Creation is willing and prepared to assist the afflicted (including loved ones) through the process from physical detoxification to emotional stability and a spiritual connection. Our deepest desire is to witness and assist in the New Creation of a life with purpose uplifted out of dependence and despair.


Every person deserves the chance to live a healthy productive life filled with purpose and self-respect. Freedom from dependence on mind and mood altering substances is the beginning of a journey that thrives on compassion, support, connection, knowledge, patience, love, and empowerment. We are committed to facilitating that journey with love, encouragement, and the tools you need to thrive. We know you can do it. It is our honor to walk the path with you, and a joy to witness your New Creation.

Ongoing Support

At New Creation Rehab, we are committed to providing our patients with support every step of the way while they battle their addictions and begin their new healthy lives. We will provide encouragement during the process and help all of our patients to become more self-aware so that they understand what potential obstacles they may face in the road ahead during their recovery.  We provide ongoing attention and support to help our patients stay clean and sober even after their detox treatment is complete.