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I Just Became Homeless From My Heroin Addiction

Homelessness and heroin addiction are common because substance abusers frequently spend all of their money on drugs rather than necessities such as rent. While living on the streets or in shelters, you may also resort to living a more dangerous lifestyle in order to get the money needed for heroin.

Types of Treatment Available for Homeless Addicts

Despite being homeless, we can offer assistance at residential or outpatient drug addiction facilities. We believe residential care is the best form of treatment during the earliest stages, but you can begin an outpatient program while waiting for an available bed in a residential center.

Will Counselors Maintain the Privacy of a Homeless Client?

Counselors must maintain each client’s privacy according to federal regulations, but you can permit us to contact friends and relatives. If you are a homeless heroin addict, then connecting with relatives or friends is often a way to have a home after completing your substance abuse treatment.

How can a Homeless Addict Get Answers to Questions about Treatment?

Counselors can communicate with clients in a variety of ways, including with emails, and as a homeless heroin addict, you can contact our counselors by using a public library’s computers. This is an easy and free alternative when you do not have access to a telephone or transportation to a rehabilitation clinic.

How can a Homeless Heroin Addict Pay for Rehabilitation?

As a homeless addict, you are probably concerned about how you can pay for a rehabilitation program. Fortunately, there are government-funded programs for homeless heroin addicts, and we can also help you to apply to private scholarship programs. In many cases, we can permit addicts to pay for their treatment after their recovery.

What Happens after Heroin Rehabilitation Ends?

After completing a 30 to 90 day rehabilitation program, you are ready to leave a residential facility. We recommend going to a sober living environment that is designed for recovered drug addicts. This transitional phase is the best time to begin looking for a job and a place to live.

Get Help for a Heroin Addiction Today

If you are a homeless heroin addict, then it is vital to seek help today from our professional counselors. Living on the streets as a drug addict is extremely dangerous, and you may get involved in criminal activities in order to obtain heroin.

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