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Is Ambien Addictive? Can I Go To Rehab for It?

Ambien is something that your doctor may have prescribed for a condition such as insomnia or anxiety. The drug is a part of a class of drugs called sedative-hypnotics, and its main purpose is to promote sleep. It works by slowing the activity of the central nervous system.

Ambien Is Addictive

Statistics show that more than 23.1 million people have developed addiction to drugs over the years. The most common reason for addiction is the addicted person’s desire to re-experience an original euphoric feeling. You will know if you have developed an addiction by the level of difficulty you have when you try to stop taking it. You can review the signs of addiction for behavioral similarities, as well.

Signs of Ambien Addiction

The first major sign of Ambien addiction is taking the drug when there is no need to take it. An addicted person may continue the routine of taking it long after the anxiety and insomnia cease. Other signs that you or someone you love may be addicted include:

  • Mood swings
  • Odd sleeping habits
  • Deteriorating work or school performance
  • Financial problems
  • Withdrawal symptoms

A drug addiction will often cause mood swings when the drug wears off and starts to leave the system. The euphoria may turn to irritability or sadness. A drug habit can affect sleeping habits, as well. Some people stay up until the wee hours of the morning when they have drug addictions. Such people may sleep all day.

Work and school performance deterioration are two areas that often suffer in the life of an addicted person. The individual may start to drop grades in school or miss school altogether. The person’s work life may be the same. The individual may miss shifts and disappear for several days. Finally, withdrawal symptoms may occur whenever the person does not have the drug. Withdrawal symptoms consists of symptoms such as muscle cramps, headaches, sweats, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, trembling, irritability and more.

Rehab Is Available for Ambien

The good news about addiction is that rehabilitation is available for such a problem. You can visit an inpatient rehabilitation facility that can offer you a comprehensive list of services that can get your addiction under control. You can find a facility that offers individualized therapy, detox, group counseling, meetings, educational materials, alternative therapies, sober living and any other services that you need through this trying time.

Call Our Specialists for Help Today

Many facilities are open, and they will invite you in with open arms. Our specialists will walk you through the process of finding the right place to go for help. They are caring and compassionate persons who want nothing more than to see your life restored to greatness. You can feel confident that our professionals will keep your information confidential while providing you with supportive input and research services. You can contact us today to start your journey of seeking wellness and conquering the effects of addiction.

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