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Length of Stay with PacifiCare Insurance

Right now, you probably have an array of questions since you’ve recently decided to sign up for a rehabilitation program. Some of those questions are in reference to how long you need to be in the program. Setting an amount of time before you go in is useful, especially if you need to make provisions in terms of your job or for someone to watch your children while you’re away. Speaking with a representative from PacifiCare helps to learn what type of coverage you are entitled to, and you can receive guidance from the center too.

Does PacifiCare Insurance Cover Halfway Houses?

After going through your time in a standard inpatient rehabilitation program, you may feel as though you are not yet ready to go fully back out into the world. However, you also want to start testing some of the strategies that you learned while in treatment and see what your life is like after rehabilitation. Instead of having to make this difficult decision, you can linger in between both worlds for a while longer if you choose a halfway house. Call 877-906-9226 to find out if a stay at a halfway house is covered by your insurance.

Insurance for Inpatient vs. Outpatient Addiction

As you’ve been going through the different options for addiction treatment, you’ve decided that outpatient treatment fits your lifestyle the best. However, you are a little bit concerned about the temptations that may arise. Know that the specialists at the program are aware that temptations exist, and they will work with you to devise plans to avoid these issues. Also, you have the support of the staff to guide you along. In the event that you feel tempted into any alcohol or drug abuse, you know you can speak to the specialists about the issues.

How to Cover What PacifiCare Insurance Won’t

Recently, you spoke with a representative from PacifiCare insurance agency, and you found out that the company will not cover all the costs associated with your rehabilitation program. At this point, you may feel as though you want to give up. However, from using a credit card to asking your relatives for assistance, manifold options exist in front of you. Don’t give up at this point. If you are willing to give up this early in the game, think about how difficult rehabilitation is going to be. Consider this challenge the first in a series of many.

You have made the decision to go to rehab, but figuring out the logistics of the situation is causing you more stress. Instead of trying to deal with this information by yourself, you should call the – insurance company as soon as possible. You’ll learn the information that you need to know, and you’ll discover how your program will get paid for. In order to gain this necessary knowledge, call us at 877-906-9226 as soon as possible.

Trusted Drug and Alcohol Rehab seeks to offer updated information about different insurance plan’s policies on rehabilitation services. It is, however, possible that some of the information is inaccurate due to updates in the carrier’s policy. You can either contact your insurance company directly or speak with one of our representatives to find out the specifics of the policy. Doing so is best anyway to ensure that you are fully covered for the necessary services.

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