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If I Live in Indiana, Can I Go To a Different State For Alcohol Treatment?

If I Live in Indiana, Can I Go To a Different State For Alcohol Treatment?

Our treatment centers often receive questions from Indiana residents about whether it is acceptable to undergo alcohol rehabilitation in another state. One of the most important things to consider when selecting a treatment plan is choosing a facility close to your home to receive aftercare counseling. This means that if you are living near a border that it is often easier to find a facility in a neighboring state.

The other reason that we might suggest receiving alcohol abuse treatment in another state is to find a rehabilitation facility that meets your particular needs. This is especially important if you have a co-occurring condition such as attention deficit disorder or a dual-diagnosis that includes addiction to another substance.

You Might Want to Maintain Confidentiality

A client’s alcohol rehabilitation counseling sessions are always confidential while in a treatment program. However, if you want to maintain more privacy, then residing in another state outside of Indiana is a good choice. It is important to remember that there is nothing to feel ashamed about when seeking detoxification or treatment for alcohol addiction.

While going to a different state for detoxification and rehabilitation is possible, it does cause some difficulties after the residential program ends. An important aspect of treatment for alcohol addiction is maintaining lifetime sobriety with the help of 12-step meetings on a daily or weekly basis.

There are benefits of Going Out of State for Alcohol Treatment

There are also benefits of going to an out of state location for a rehabilitation program that include getting away from friends or family members who drink or familiar neighborhoods where it is easy to access alcohol. In a new setting, you are anonymous and can feel free to discuss anything in a group counseling session without worrying that someone there knows you or your associates.

One of our relaxing rehabilitation centers is just the thing you need to avoid the stresses that lead to drinking alcoholic beverages. You can attend one-on-one and group counseling sessions to discuss personal issues without feeling as though the information is about someone that other participants or counselors know.

A New Environment Can Help You to Focus on Treatment

Living in a new environment for 30 to 90 days can change your life because there are no distractions from former bad influences. When a craving for alcohol becomes intense, it isn’t as easy to find a liquor store or bar. You also are going to have a more difficult time contacting family members or friends who might talk you into drinking again. Contact an alcohol treatment intake counselor today for assistance.

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