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If I Am Going To Drug Treatment In California, Will They Fly Me There?

Most California drug treatment facilities suggest that patients consider the price of travel to and from California when developing budgets and making selections. They do not include transportation in the standard, advertised prices. California treatment facilities range from those aimed at budget-conscious patients to those who seek luxury and privacy with effective, personalized care.

California Treatment Options

Treatment in California has many styles and ranges of services. They include low-cost private providers that emphasize services for those with limited ability to pay. There are state agencies that accept Medi-Cal patients who have low or no ability to pay for services. On the other end of the spectrum are luxury based services. Many state-sponsored services accept residents only, these services are for California residents.

Executive and Luxury Services

Luxury rehabilitation services will respond to the customer’s orders and special requests. They can charge for their services and can provide comprehensive, customized arrangements. Transportation to and from the facility is usually the customer’s responsibility. If one makes a secured, executive rehab arrangement, the facility provides a list of amenities. These customized lists of services can accommodate anything the parties agree to include and travel arrangements can be part of the package one orders.

Custom Services

The range of prices swing from low-end approaches with shared rooms and few extras to lavish surroundings, scenic locations, and privacy including intensive one-on-one counseling services. One can choose the level of expense and also consider the levels of insurance coverage.

Call Us for California Treatment Services

When you or a loved one needs treatment services in California, we can help. We can provide service providers with the right combination of personnel and facilities to meet your needs. We understand the importance of treating the whole person and addressing the individual’s life circumstances. We have a wide range of service providers that include luxury and executive level services, as well as those on limited budgets. We work with the leading insurance providers and with MediCal approved services. Call us, we can help get effective drug treatment resources in California.

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