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I Know I Am An Alcoholic, But Do I Need Rehab?

Unlike other diseases, most alcoholics are not shocked to be diagnosed. They already know they have a drinking problem. If you are reading this you are probably aware that you drink too much. Maybe you find yourself unable to stop after one drink, or maybe you have to start every day off with a drink to ease the headache from the night before. Either way, you are likely sick of leading your lifestyle but find yourself unwilling or unable to stop. At this point, you may be wondering if you need rehab or not. We can help you sort the matter out, and if you decide that taking it one step at a time includes rehab we will be here to help.

Have you attempted to quit?

The first thing to ask yourself before considering rehab is whether you have tried to quit or not. Many people find that working the program is enough to get them over the hump and into recovery. Some people have to hit bottom, but once they find their bottom they are finally able to come up again and breathe the fresh air of sobriety. If you have not yet attended a meeting or attempted to quit then it is harder to quantify whether you need the extra aid rehab provides.

Have you relapsed? How many times?

If you have attempted to quit many times but despite working the program and getting a sponsor have relapsed then it is possible rehab would be a better option for you. The average addict will relapse at least once before they are able to stay sober, but if you have attempted to quit and found that one day at a time is simply too hard then it may be time to get some extra aid. Sometimes you need to fix outside factors, behaviors, and coping mechanisms first before you will be able to remain sober. Rehab is a great place to delve into these issues and if find it hard to remain sober it may be time to address underlying issues.

What does your gut say?

If you are asking yourself whether you need rehab or not there is a good chance that you already know the answer. Sobriety is a journey not a destination and it is one that can take some people further than others. Bear in mind that getting sober can lead to a host of physical side effects as well as mental side effects such as DT’s, nausea, shakes, and more. If you are not ready to handle these side effects on your own and need help drying out then a rehab facility may be better suited for you. If you strongly feel you need the aid of a rehab facility then it is best to follow your gut, because your decision just may be the one that saves your life.

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