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I Just Got Back From Rehab. Here’s What Happened

The first few days of rehabilitation were difficult because my body needed to detoxify, leading to discomfort. The counselors were able to supply prescription medications to relieve my terrible headaches and nausea as my mind and body craved alcohol and drugs. Within a week, I transitioned to residential rehabilitation in a clean and caring environment where there was support from counselors and other recovering addicts.

What Type of Care is Available in a Rehabilitation Center?

Before I chose my rehabilitation program, I talked to intake counselors about the center where I would live for approximately 60 days. There are different types of facilities, including places designed exclusively for women, men or teenagers. Some facilities care for numerous recovering addicts while others only accept a limited number of clients at a time.

Will other People Know I am Undergoing Treatment?

The intake counselors assured me that my treatment was confidential. There were other recovering addicts in my facility, but we wanted to keep our identities private and to help each other as much as possible. Of course, my closest friends and some of my relatives know that I was in treatment, but I told them, not the counselors.

Who will Answer My Questions about Rehabilitation?

There is always someone to answer my questions about addiction recovery and treatment because all recovering addicts are supervised closely during their detoxification and rehabilitation. I can talk one-on-one to a counselor or ask questions during group counseling sessions, and there is also a telephone number to call for additional assistance.

How Will I Pay for Treatment?

Treatment for alcohol and drug addiction is expensive, but buying substances and ruining my relationships was more costly. The business office at a rehabilitation center helps clients create a package of insurance reimbursements, scholarships and co-payments to pay for detoxification and treatment.

What Happens After I Leave a Treatment Facility?

When I left the rehabilitation program, there were several options available, including outpatient treatment or a sober house environment. The reality is that I am going to remain in some form of treatment such as 12-step meetings with Alcoholic’s Anonymous for the rest of my life.

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