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I Just Drink On The Weekends, Am I an Alcoholic?

Many people enjoy having a few drinks during the weekend as a way to be social or to unwind after a long week at work. However, there is a line between being a social drinker and being an alcoholic. Let’s take a look at some sings that your weekend drinking may be a sign of a larger problem.

Alcoholism Is Viewed By Some as a Tiered Disease

Many people think of an alcoholic as someone who spends all day at the bar or always has a case of beer ready to be consumed. He or she is perceived to be stumbling and slurring his or her words and may not have a home or a job. However, the truth is that anyone can be an alcoholic and some may simply have a milder form of alcoholism. If you black out while drinking, consume more than five drinks in a night or cannot get through a weekend without drinking, you could be a mild alcoholic.

Just Because You’re Functioning Doesn’t Mean You Aren’t Addicted

It is a common assumption that if you are functioning, you aren’t an alcoholic. However, this may be a matter of genetics and a long period of time building up a tolerance for alcohol. Even if you are functioning well, you should ask yourself whether you are hiding your behavior or how you would react if someone called you an alcoholic. In many cases, alcoholics will hide their drinking or laugh when called an alcoholic as a way to deflect.

Would You Rather Drink Even If It Means Missing Out on Other Activities?

On a typical Saturday night, your social options may include going out with your spouse or significant other, seeing a movie with friends or spend some time at the dog park with your pet. However, if you would rather stay home and drink or will only go out if alcohol is available, that could signal that you are an alcoholic. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a few beers while at a concert or while out to dinner, being social should generally be the highlight of the night as opposed to the alcohol.

There is nothing wrong with enjoy a drink or two on your night off or while out with friends. However, if you are drinking because you feel off without it or it starts to become the highlight of your weekend, you may wish to seek help for your problem. While it may not be a severe addiction, dealing with it now may resolve the issue before it advances any further.

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