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I Hate AA, Where Should I Go For Alcohol Treatment?

Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the most well-known treatment types for people with alcohol addiction problems. Alcoholics Anonymous, otherwise known as AA, is a 12-step program that is based on the principles of recognizing the need for a higher power. The founders of AA believe that people must go through a complete 12-step process if they are to heal from addiction. Some people dislike AA because of its structure. Some people dislike the principles. If you are a person who hates AA, you can consider the following alternatives to 12-step recovery:

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy is a type of therapy that usually involves the addicted person and one trained or licensed specialist. The specialist speaks with the patient and tries to get to the root of the addiction problem using the person’s disclosures. For example, an addiction may have roots in childhood abuse. The specialist would try to help the patient to remember and bring forth details about the trauma that occurred. By peeling back the layers of abuse, the specialist can then help the person to trust enough to try new things.

Empowerment Groups

An empowerment group is an open group that caters to people whether they believe addiction is a disease or not. Empowerment groups try to build character, self-esteem and self-confidence by using a four-point program. One part of the four-part program may involve repurposing thoughts. Another part of the program may include encouraging motivation. The four-part program may teach people to cope with their urges and live a balanced life that includes healthy nutritional habits and exercise. Having an even work-life balance may be part of the program, as well.

Comprehensive Treatment Rehabilitation Centers

Rehabilitation centers are full-fledged recovery centers that cover all aspects of alcohol addiction from beginning to end. Facilities can offer inpatient or outpatient treatment program that may have an AA alternative. The facilities can also offer much more than a simple AA meeting can offer. They can offer detoxification services, group counseling services, individualized therapy, alternative therapies and more. Comprehensive rehabilitation centers are some of her best facilities for a person to enter because they provide well-rounded care for addictions. Our specialists are available to match patients up with the appropriate care plans and facilities.

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