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I Don’t Think I Need Detox, I Can Quit On My Own

If you struggle with a dependency on illegal drugs, prescriptions, or alcohol, you may have thought at one time that you could beat the addiction on your own. However, as time went on, you probably realized that you needed professional help, and you needed help quick. Now that you’ve arrived at the point of accepting help, you might feel like there are some things you can handle on your own without the need for further intervention. One area in particular may pertain to the detox process.

Benefits of Detoxification

The detox process is not an easy phase of your recovery process, but there are long term benefits that can be gained if you complete this step. Some of the common withdrawal symptoms include insomnia, drug cravings, anxiety, and depression. These symptoms can cause you to fear what may come next, but there’s no need to worry about the potential harm of detox. When your body goes through detox it’s just readjusting itself to become more receptive to nutritious food and doctor prescribed medication if needed. The length of your recovery process will depend on the extent of the impact that the drugs you were taking had on your system.

Detox Treatment Center Privacy

You may have heard negative stories from others who did not have successful outcomes, but you should not let their detox experience discourage you. Your road to recovery can be long or short depending on your effort. If you’re afraid you can’t do it, you can be assured that you will have all the support you need to get you through. Oftentimes when people hear about negative experiences, they’re apt to believe that they will automatically have a bad experience as well. You may also be worried about your information being disclosed. When you enter a detox treatment center, your admission and medical information will be protected. A detox treatment center goal’s is to help you feel secure not expose you or your situation.

Say Yes to Detox

If you have a family member who is in the process of recovery, but he or she is hesitant about detox, you should encourage her or him to try it and give some reasons why detox is beneficial. Your additional support can aid in their ability to be courageous especially if you remind him or her that other family members including their children, if any are depending on her or him to become an active member of your family again. Although statistics indicate that thousands of drug-related deaths occur annually, the rates of those who accept help rank as high as 2.6 million. Do yourself a favor and save yourself. Remember detox is one successful step toward recovery.

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