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How To Get Off Drugs In 5 Days (or less)

Getting sober is often considered an insurmountable task by those who suffer from addiction, but the truth is that the body can still detox quickly when you focus on the task at hand and prioritize physical cleansing. Getting clean can be jump started with a good detoxification program focused on solid results in a short amount of time. The issue is the amount of time in association with the particular chemicals that need to be shed, in particular drugs like THC that can store in the fat cells for approximately 30 days. This particular chemical is the active ingredient in marijuana, and very commonly the reason for detoxifying. Powder drugs are different from marijuana, and the body can be rid of all traces of medication in the three or four days in most cases. There are also some steps you can take to quicken the process.

Increased Hydration

One of the best ways to help cleanse your system is by drinking plenty of fluids. Drinks that are intended to function as electrolyte builders make excellent sources of hydration and can increase perspiration as well. Water is also an excellent source of hydration and may be the most effective of all fluid choices for many people. The more fluid that runs through the body, the better the flushing cycle of detoxification becomes. Plenty of fluids is an essential component.

Vitamins and Minerals

There are several vitamins and minerals available that an help rid the body of any toxins. The most notable of these may be niacin, which can force extra perspiration when exercising or using a sauna. Many vitamins function in the same manner. It is a good idea to conduct a little research before starting a five-day detox plan and make sure your regiment will be effective and sensible.


Increasing the amount of blood flow on a daily basis is also a simple activity that can enhance the speed of detoxifying within a five-day goal. Depending on the situation, it is important to not over exert yourself when focused on the exercise as a component of the program plan. The goal is movement and activity.

Everyone should take time to set a period for cleaning their system is as much as is possible. It is clearly important for individuals who are in the process of getting clean and sober, but this is also a very important health issue for everyone.


Important Note:  This post not intended to be medical or professional advice.  You should always seek the advice of a licensed medical professional.  We can help align you with a proper facility in order to help you find recovery.  Call us today.

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