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How To Check Your Health Insurance To See If It Will Cover Rehab

Health insurance is an important source of resources for substance abuse, prescription drug dependency, and drug or alcohol addiction. Health insurance includes private policies, qualified health plans, employer or job-based plans, and assistance for low-income families. Most policies provide specific benefits for treatment and rehabilitation; one must find the benefits and any conditions such as deductibles and consumer payments.

Healthcare Reform

The healthcare reform law requires health insurance to cover addiction as a treatable disease or health condition. The essential health benefits include diagnosis and screening for drug addiction. These basic services come at no extra cost to policyholders and covered dependents. However, the law leaves insurers to decide which types of treatment they cover and the costs. Like other diseases, insurance companies offer a wide variety of treatments and facilities for drug and alcohol addiction.

Purchasing Health Insurance

When purchasing or renewing health insurance, one can see the listed benefits and terms before accepting a policy. Since the terms of coverage can vary from plan to plan, it is important to compare the coverage to find the best match. We understand the difficulty of finding the right coverage. Call us, we can help.

Checking Health Insurance Coverage

Rehab can be quite expensive. Rehab can involve full-time residence in a treatment facility. When designed to meet the needs of the recovering addict, Rehab can be intensive and use daily individual and group sessions. Not all insurance providers are the same. Many offer limited resources or those contained in a provider’s network. The law requires them to offer similar terms as for treatment of other diseases. The costs of rehab can be a burden, co-pays and coinsurance and other out-of-pocket expenses can add up to significant amounts of resources.

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When you or a loved one needs assistance in getting treatment for a drug or alcohol dependency, call us, we can help. The decision to enter treatment is a valuable opportunity to turn a life around. We have experience with the leading insurance providers and with the coverage for treatment services. We can help with the entire process from selecting the right facilities and programs through a smooth admission process. We can help get the best possible opportunity for successful treatment and rehab. Call us today; we can help.

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