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How Obamacare Guarantees Coverage for Drug Rehab

Mental Health Under Obamacare

Mental health treatment is one of the ten essential health care services required in health insurance plans sold through state or federal Obamacare exchanges. Mental health coverage specifically includes alcohol and drug addiction. The key to remember is that it is not a program that cover every cost, the goal was to treat mental health with the same quality as physical health. The purpose was to provide some level of detection, prevention, and treatment in the health care insurance provided through the ACA. Before the ACA, evidence of a history of drug use was grounds for denial of health insurance coverage.

The Opioid Epidemic

Across the United States, communities report alarming numbers in the indicators of drug abuse. These include Emergency Room incidents, comatose victims found by first responders, and fatalities. Many communities deploy naloxone kits to police and firefighters in the hope of rescuing comatose victims of drug overdoses. Heroin is a major source of the surge, but so are opioid compounds like prescription painkillers.

Diversion from Criminal System

Many communities and local governments have programs to divert addicted persons away from criminal punishment and into treatment and rehabilitation. This recognizes the ineffectiveness of incarceration as a substitute for therapy and treatment. Many of these communities report that existing resources are not adequate to meet the demands for diversion into treatment programs.

Uninsured under Obamacare

Those without health insurance may qualify for treatment through Medicaid, and help break the cycle of drug use and criminal entanglements. The resources available may not match with the needs of the addicts, but they represent an attempt to rehabilitate rather than punish, and that is a measure of progress.

Limited Costs and Services

While Obamacare health insurance plans cover drug addiction and substance abuse, the coverage is not total and not free. Consumers will have to pay part of the costs as agreed in their health insurance plans. They will also have to accept the type of treatment provided through the service provider.

Call Us, We can Help

Families suffer when a loved one falls into a pattern of substance abuse, alcohol dependence or drug addiction. Call us, we can help. We understand that treatment is not a one size fits all situation, and that effective programs must involve the whole person and their life situation and not just the addiction. When other resources fail to provide timely and effective car, call us. We can help with every part of the process. We have worked with insurance providers, government agencies, and private groups that provide assistance. When a drug dependent person decides it is time for treatment, it is important to get started immediately. Call us today, we can help get the best chance of successful treatment and long-term sobriety.

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