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How Many People Die Every Year from Heroin?

There are reports that approximately 200,000 people die each year from substance abuse and over 50 percent of those people were addicted to heroin. Unless you want to become a statistic, you should take action today to overcome a heroin addiction. One of the main reasons that heroin is dangerous is because dealers mix other substances with the drug to make more money from addicts.

What is the Type of Treatment for Heroin Addiction?

The detoxification phase from heroin tends to take longer than other drugs, and you will probably have intense withdrawal symptoms, including vomiting and headaches. You can choose to use holistic treatments or nonaddictive medications to relieve symptoms or a combination of massages and prescription medications.

Will Other People Know about the Heroin Treatment?

Counselors will not inform anyone about your treatment unless you provide a written consent, and this a good way to help relatives understand how you are feeling. There are other addicts in the facility at the same time, but we stress keeping treatment private. We do not contact your employer or the media about your stay in a rehabilitation facility.

Who will Answer Questions about Heroin Rehabilitation Treatment?

An intake counselor at one of our rehabilitation facilities can answer your questions about treatment. After you tell us about the type of treatment required, we begin to look for a facility that has available space. You get to choose the place where you want to recover from addiction.

How Do Clients Pay for Rehabilitation?

Your insurance plan from a job may help pay for all or part of heroin detoxification and treatment. There are also other ways to pay, including making monthly payments after leaving the facility. In some cases, there are scholarships available to help pay for services.

What Happens After Rehabilitation Ends?

Your recovery from drug addiction is a lifelong process, and after a rehabilitation program ends, we continue to stay in contact. We help you to transition to an outpatient or sober house for aftercare with counselors who can help you find a new job or place to live.

How do You Begin a New Life?

The way to begin a new life is by calling us today to learn more about treatment at a rehabilitation facility. Our counselors are ready to help you begin treatment as quickly as possible with detoxification followed by 30 to 90 days of treatment.

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