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How Can You Tell If You Have Overdosed

An overdose can be a sudden event and can occur regardless of how long you have used a particular drug. However, overdoses tend to occur among those who have little experience using a drug or using drugs in general as they don’t understand how their bodies will react to the dosage that they have taken. How can you tell if you have overdosed?

You May Start to Sweat, Shake or Tremble

As most drugs attack the central nervous system, you may start to notice that you are shaking, sweating or trembling as your body works harder and faster. At some point, your trembling may turn into tremors or a seizure. If you think that you are going into shock, make sure that you call 911 or alert someone else who can call. In most jurisdictions, you can call for help without being charged with a crime even if you were in possession of or using illegal drugs.

You May Start to Feel Numb, Dizzy or Unable to Walk

If you suddenly feel like you can’t feel your limbs, are dizzy are can no longer walk under your own power, it may be because your body is starting to shut down. In some cases, you may lose control over your ability to speak, so it is critical that you ask for help as soon as these conditions present themselves. In a worst case scenario, it is possible to choke on your tongue or on your own vomit, which means you need to get professional care quickly.

You May Feel Pain in Your Chest Or Begin to Lose Consciousness

During an overdose, your heart may be working so hard that it can no longer keep up with the demand. This is when you may start to feel chest pains, which are the first sign of a heart attack. Alternatively, your body may put itself into a comatose state as way to protect it from whatever is going wrong. While you can be revived and recover if tended too quickly, anyone you may be with should know that a coma is a serious problem and is not at all like a black out that you will wake up from the next morning.

An overdose is a serious medical issue that can have consequences for the rest of your life. Therefore, if you notice any of these symptoms in yourself or notice them in another person, do not hesitate to call for help. It could be the difference between surviving the event and passing on.

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